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  • Rebrand Tree House Books

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Literacy is a severe issue in Philadelphia and is hard to obtain for thousands of our neighbors. Literacy should not be hard to obtain. Together we can #ENDPHILLITERACY


  • Temple University students

  • 18-25 year olds

  • Enjoy working with children 

  • Looking for internship 

Print Materials (Closed) 

Print Materials (Open)

Print Ads

Copy: As Temple Students, you are neighbors to a community. A community faced with a severe literacy issue. A community with 30 to 50,000 out of school youth. A community that is one of the most illiterate in the country. Your community. #ENDPHILLITERACY Visit to volunteer.

Twitter Mockup

Laptop Stickers

Guerilla Marketing | Empty Book Shelves

To take the books off the shelves at Paley library and placing a Tree House Books ad behind them. This will potentially spark interest about the campaign and emphasize the need for literacy. 

Guerilla Marketing | Claw Machine

To place a large claw machine in the middle of Temple's campus (at the bell tower) and fill it with objects that students would not be able to obtain without literacy (books, graduation cap, diploma, etc). This will serve as a literal example of an obstacle while trying to achieve literacy and a way to interact with the target audience. 

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