In today’s society, there are many controversial issues that need to be acknowledged, but people are always more willing to voice their opinions over the internet. The conversation needs to go beyond social media and get people to want to make a difference. The challenge is to put paper at the heart of the campaign, reminding digital customers of the power of paper. Instagram will get people in Philadelphia and corresponding cities to start or join the conversation outside of just being on social media.



  • Young Millennials →  ages 18-24

  • People who live in Philadelphia, PA (urban)

  • People who like their voice heard (very opinionated)

  • Up-to-date or concerned with current & controversial issues



Instagram is the new twitter.


Instagram x freemeekmill.org campaign 


Bus Shelter Ads

Bus Stop Ads

As a part of the campaign, Philadelphians would receive print mail which includes: an Instagram themed envelope, a flashcard of the #freemeekmill campaign, a petition sticker, and an invitation to Love Park. Participants are encouraged to wear the sticker while at Love Park and continue the conversation on the message board. 

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