Everyone knows and recognizes the Little Tree shape and

product. People may buy them as an afterthought. (No one

goes to the store solely to buy a car air freshener). We

may seem old and outdated to today’s younger audience.



Little Trees Air Fresheners are cool. We’re the first and best

air fresheners. We were then and we are now.


  • Males, Millennials →  ages 23-42

  • Car Owners

  • Trend Setters


Don't wait until it's too late. #freshenup 

Copy: #freshenup Don't wait until it's too late. There's a scent for everyone. Find your scent at

Peel & Sniff (Sticker) Print Ads

Easily removable stickers will be given out at pop up events for the audience to place in locations and in situations that could use some refreshing. These stickers will display the campaign hashtag #freshenup

Twitter users would be encouraged to share their #freshenup stories using the campaign hashtag. 

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