While awareness of the number of opioid addicts and deaths is rising as the issues gains increasing media attention, what many people do not realize is that opioid addiction can happen in a matter of days. And while many kids get addicted after sampling prescription opioids from their parents’ medicine cabinets, most addicts get hooked while on an opioid medication that was legally prescribed for them by a doctor
or dentist.



Activate our target audience to push back when they receive an opioid prescription and ask for non opioid pain relief



  • Naive to opioid addiction

  • People who have personal experience either using opioids themselves or know friends/family who have used them


When someone pushes opioids on you, push back.

Always choose the #safestroute

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Copy: 4 out of 5 new heroin users start out with prescription opioids. Talk to your doctor about non-addictive alternatives. The safest route is to never get on board with opioids. Learn more at

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Social Media: Instagram posts would include elements from the #safestroute campaign, statistics, and testimonials of opioid users who wish they had chose a safer alternative.

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